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Things you should do before entering the water:


  • showerCut all your nails short: a dolphin's skin is easily scratched.
  • Shower to clean all types of (sun) cream or other lotions from your skin.
  • Make certain your pockets are empty.
  • Remove eye glasses, watches and (body-) jewelry.
  • Wear only a swim- or bathing-suit or shorts without zippers, and a T-shirt.
  • Let an instructor assist you when putting on the life jacket before you enter the water.



Wear a lifevest before entering the water


Things you should not do while in the water or on the float:


  • Do not dive nor jump into the water. Instead: sit down and slide in.
  • Do not attempt to swim under water
  • Do not attempt to walk instead of swimming in the pound.
  • on float with dolphin trainerDo not touch the dolphins unless the trainer indicates that you can.
  • Never touch the dolphin's head, especially the area around their eyes.
  • Do not feed the dolphins unless the dolphin trainer instructs you to do so.
  • Do not feed the dolphins more than the dolphin trainer instructs.


Access is prohibited for those who:

  • suffer from asthma, or have suffered a heart attack or epileptic attack.
  • Are intoxicated and / or have used alcohol or drugs recently.


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